Quick fix on burst water pipe til pay day


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Quick fix on burst water pipe til pay day

K, overnight the main feed to the furnace and hot water heater froze then burst, in only one spot that I can see. I have the water off to the house, and have the hot water heater off. The furnace is gas and seems to be on a closed loop. The crack in the line is approx. 1/3 " in length and about mid way up a 20" length if copper pipe. At this point I have epoxied it in two layers, epoxy, then wrapped in white silicon tape, then another layer of epoxy putty then wrapped that in duct tape, giving each layer about 45 minutes to dry before putting on the next layer. I understand that I will need to replace the section of pipe, just have to get through til next Friday til I have enough to get the tools and materials for a proper fix. First off, since this line goes into the furnace, how long will the water that is in the system( gas burner, hot water radiators and really old), last. Secondly, is there a better temp. fix? I have considered hydraulic cement over epoxy. Lastly, what exactly are the tools that I need to do this job. My guess is a pipe cutter, flax, solder and a torch, along with the 20" length of pipe that is busted. Any help would be, well HELP... Thanx
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If you were to cut the pipe where the leak is, how much do you think you could move the pipe pieces apart. If you can move them an inch apart I would go to the home center and get a Shark Bite or Gator Bite (brands of slip on fittings) coupling of the appropriate size and a pipe cutter. You can probably get both for less than $10. I would use the pipe cutter to cut on either side of the split so you are left with good pipe on either side. Push the pipe sections apart and insert the Shark Bite fitting.

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that is kinda what I thought... my epoxy fix worked for about 10 minutes and then let go.... At least I got water to the furnace..... Off to lowes I guess, 2 shark bites and a pipe cutter it is then... thanx P
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Dont forget the pipe.... You probably have to cut a bigger section out now because of all the epoxy and stuff...
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You can use pipe leak repair tape for a temporary fix. It will withstand high pressure and high temp. You can use it on car radiator hoses and similar. You have to stretch it over onto itself. Very good stuff, will last a long time. I've used it on several occasions.
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