Camera & water leak


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Camera & water leak

My water meter is slowly running , when no faucets , toilets , etc. are running . High water bill is tearing me up ! :-(

I am already slowly in the process of replacing my Hot Water lines .

I am afraid I may have a leak in the cold water line , from the alley water meter , to the house .

I am wondering if I could use something like I have suggested in

and run it from the pipe that connects to the water meter towards the house , inside the pipe . Inspecting the inside of the pipe for evidence of a leak ?

I would much rather find the leak , dig it up and solder in a new piece of line , than replace the whole line .

Thanks ,
God bless
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If you shut the water off at the house and the meters still turning then there's a leak in the main.
How old are the lines?
What are they made of?
Fix one spot and another will soon start leaking more often then not.
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I inherited the house from Dad , when he passed away . I think it was built in the 1950's .

All the water lines are copper and the sewer lines are cast iron .

I recognize what you are saying about future leaks . But , my wife and I are in our early 60's . Not looking for a repair to last another 60 years , just until we are gone . After that , it becomes some one elses " opportunity "

Besides , if it follows a straight line to the house , it would run under a sidewalk and the concrete back pouch ( which has been enclosed & is now the utility / laundry room ) .

If I have a leak under concrete , I will have to come up with a plan " B " . :-(

If I have to run a new line , I will have to change direction to miss the utility room , go through the foundation / footing & come up under the back bedroom ( pier & beam construction ) . Then re-rout to tie into the existing Cold Water lines .

I REALLY do not want to dig up the old line from the water meter to the house , then under the house . :-(

God bless
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Finding leaks underground can be quite difficult, even more so if you don't see any surface water. There are leak detection services out there that use a stethoscope-type probe to pinpoint where the leak is.

There are also services that will pull a new water line using a cable through the old water line, basically pulling out or breaking the old line in the process. Still not cheap, but easier than digging up sidewalks and patios.
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In my area it is less expensive to bring in the excavator, dig and install a new line unless the location of the leak is clearly evident. Exotic leak detection methods are not worth the expense unless you have a nicer home and are more concerned about saving the landscaping than cost.

Yes, it often means not digging in a straight line. Curving around to miss this or that and entering the house somewhere else is pretty common. I know it sounds extreme but a excavator or backhoe can dig so fast that the extra distance for the trench usually does not affect the cost unless you are going a really long way. Often the actual digging and installing a new line can be done in half a day. Getting the permit and waiting for inspections take longer but that's waiting, not working so it figured into the cost of the job. Much of the expense for the digging is simply logistics to load & unload the machine and drive it back & forth across town.
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1- shut the water off at the house and see if the meter continues to run

If yes, then the leak is between the house and the meter.

If no, then the leak is on the house side of the shut off.

2. Turn off the valve at the hot water heater. Does the meter still run?

If yes, then the leak in on the cold side

If no, the leak is on the hot side between beyond the water heater.

go through the foundation / footing & come up under the back bedroom ( pier & beam construction )
If you have a crawl, then checking everything from the house side should be fairly straight forward. If on the street side, with your location, I would assume that soft ground would point to the general area as the pipes are not that far below surface.
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1 There is no single shut off valve at , in or under the house , for the cold water .

2 That I did , water meeter continues to turn , slowly .

Under the house , the original plumbing , hot and cold , is buried in the dirt . ( Latter add-ons are laying on top of the surface of the dirt .

God bless

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