New Bathroom sink, drain pipe leaking at wall connection


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New Bathroom sink, drain pipe leaking at wall connection

I just installed a new vanity and bathroom sink and where the long PVC pipe connects to the metal outlet pipe at the wall keeps leaking. I cant seem to stop it from leaking.

I will post pics when I get home tonight.

I am using the PVC pipe to connect to the metal pipe in the wall. The other side of that pipe connects to the trap.

I do have the tapered washer in place on the PVC pipe, between the PVC nut and metal pipe. It continues to leak through the plastic nut.

Now I did need to pull the plastic PVC pipe out quite a bit, from the inside of the metal pipe, in order to reach the trap with the other end. I probable have 2 inches or a little less of the PVC pipe inside the metal pipe.

Should I add an extension? Should I put Teflon tape on the threads of the metal pipe? Should I use anything else to fix this leak?

Thanks for any help.

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I had a similar situation - metal pipe was actually rusted through, and the PVC pipe was actually creating the seal. Closely examine the bottom of the metal pipe. Hopefully that's not it and you only need a new, longer PCV extension and washer that is smooth enough to create the seal.
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Galvanized steel drain lines can sometimes be a problem. Try tribe_fan's suggestion. Sometimes it takes a good cleaning of the steel to get it smooth enough for the plastic washer to seal. It should not need Teflon tape but I have seen some that look like they have half a roll wrapped around the pipe to get it to seal.

If your galvanized pipe turns out to be too rusted to seal or rusted through you may get lucky and be able to unscrew it and install a new one. They are usually difficult to break free so get the biggest pipe wrench you can find, yet still fits into the space in the cabinet and give it all you've got.
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Thanks, I will take a closer look at the pipe tonight.

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