Noisy Pipes/Upstairs Bathroom Backing Up


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Noisy Pipes/Upstairs Bathroom Backing Up

Hey folks. I've run into a bit of a plumbing issue, and I'm somewhat out of my depth, and looking for a little advice.

Last summer, when running water (sink/shower/whatever), the plumbing started to emit a loud hum, almost like a fog horn, constant pitch, would eventually decrease in volume until it stopped. Though the issue was somewhat irritating, it wasn't causing any real problems, and I kind of let it go. It seemed to mostly go away when winter came, so I figured it may be related to the temperature of the pipes.

The other day, while showering in my upstairs bathroom, I noticed that it wasn't draining properly. Thinking it was probably just a blocked pipe, I went to my local hardware store and picked up a 15' drain auger, and cleared out the drain, pulling some predicatably nasty gunk out. I hoped that would be the problem solved, and jumped back in the shower, only to find that it was not solved at all. In addition, the bath tub in the same room started to fill from the drain while I was in the shower. When left, it does eventually drain.

My house is pretty small, so I'm fairly sure that the 15' snake would be enough to get to the trunk, so it seems unlikely that the problem is particular to that bathroom, though it's the only plumbing upstairs, and I haven't noticed a problem downstairs yet.

My house had a second level added in the 80s, and going into the basement, I can see the old metal trunk pipe (forgive me if my terminology isn't correct, hopefully that's descriptive enough that you know what I mean), and a newer PVC pipe has been joined into it. I'm assuming that's the pipe for the upstairs.

All I can think is that maybe the vent is obstructed, which might also explain the noise that the pipes make. However, if this was the case, wouldn't I be experiencing similar issues downstairs? Of course, I'd check the vent on the roof, but I don't have a ladder, and just wanted to get a more qualified opinion before I go hunting and trying to find one, as well as someone with the means to bring it over.

Any insight on this before I have to call in the professionals?
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Noise in the supply lines and a back up rain have nothing to do with each other.
Are you on a well or city water?
I'd start by checking the water pressure.
On a well you should have a pressure gauge.
On city water it's easiest to just install a gauge on an outside faucet.
Water Pressure Gauge w/ Hose Connection 0-300 PSI with red max indicator -
There's no need for it to be any higher then 60 PSI.
That rain is still plugged up someplace.
If it was a vent you would be hearing bubbling in the toilet and sink.

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