Install Water Softener


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Install Water Softener

I am not too handy at all unless it is something pretty simple. I bought a water softener on sale and would like to install it - it is the type that needs salt. I want to install the softener to the main line. One of the issues I have is that the main line from the street runs to an outside faucet which then goes into my house into a wall in my master closet. The main line does not go to the garage (other side of the house).

I have a one story house. The water heaters are in the attic. I believe the main water line from outside runs up to the attic to the first water heater (there are 2 water heaters - they are far apart). Could I install the softener in the attic next to the first water heater like in my pic? How much of a pain is it going to be to go into the attic to add salt when needed? If I put the softener outside, I need to build some structure to cover it to protect it and deed restrictions. How do I get the softener to the other water heater as well? Any tips/advice greatly appreciated.
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zubby Iím not a pro or expert. Iím sure they will weigh in. But I think you are also going to have to have a drain connection for the softener. Donít know how hard that would be to do if itís in the attic. But maybe you have already considered that and itís not too hard to do.

Good luck with the softener!
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zubby looks like the knowledgeable guys arenít coming in. Here is a link (I hope this is allowed) to a discussion somewhat relevant to your case Ė and this guy is also in Texas.

Water Softener Drain and what the Plumber told me while getting a quote...

Good luck!
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As Zoesdad mentions, I would try to not install it in the attic. You'll need to add salt to it probably monthly, and it's real easy to forget up there. Any leaks or issues will cause quite a mess. Also, I'd imagine your attic gets pretty hot in the summer in TX. I'm sure the softener has a max operating temperature that may not be great in the hot hot attic.

Where you have it placed in your picture is fine. You'll need to cut the main pipe once it enters your house and split it off into the softener. The output of the softener would then feed your cold water pipes and to both water heaters.

What kind of piping do you have currently? If you have copper, you'll need to cut the pipe and figure out some way to connect it to the softener. In your case, I'd recommend some SharkBite fittings and PEX pipe.

Let us know if you have any questions as you plan this project!
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