Leaky faucets


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Leaky faucets

We've just moved into a new place with a new (used) washer and dryer. When we connect them up to the hot and cold faucets, they leak - not much, just a drop now and then. But it's too much. A towel we left on the ground to soak up the drips was wringing wet the next morning.

I've tightened the screw fastenings at both ends as much as I can - is there anything I can do to stop the leaks? What would a plumber do?

Thanks for any help.
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Have you tightened them using big pliers? If so, you can replace the hoses. The new hoses will have new rubber washers and that should solve the problem. Or, you can just get new washers at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Just in case, take a hose with you to make sure you get washers that fit.
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Washing machine hoses use standard garden hose connectors and standard garden hose washers (or O-rings) will work fine. If you want to get fancy then you can purchase the washers with a screen in them for about a buck each. Insurance companies often report that broken washing machine hoses are the number one cause of residential water damage. They recommend changing regular rubber hoses every five years or so and strongly recommend using the hoses with a flexible stainless steel braided cover. Also, although very few people do it, the water supply valves should be turned off at all time except when actually using the washing machine.
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Where is it leaking? At the hose connection or through the stem of the valve? If it's through the stem of the valve replacing the hose won't help. You'll need to repack the gland nut.
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Thanks all - using a large pair of pliers did the trick.

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