natural gas pressure check


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natural gas pressure check

i done some repairs to my gas lines. Afterwards i performed my own pressure check. I lost about 1 lb over a 2 hour period during the day. I was told by a friend to expect some loss and that as long as it would hold 15lbs for 15 minutes i was fine. I felt good with that until i lost an additional 2 lbs over the next 6 hours however the temp dropped by about 15 degrees. Should i be concerned?
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No, you should not loose any pressure. When I built my house it had to hold for a minimum of 24 hours. You may see some slight pressure variation with temperature but that is pretty minimal. Very crudely you can estimate about 1 psi change for every 10f change in temperature, and that works both ways. With a 15f temp drop you might see the gauge drop by 1.5 psi but when it warms up to the previous temp the gauge should rise back to where it was before.
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Many inspectors require the 15 minute rule since they aren't going to come back a few hours later to check it. But as Pilot Dane said, you shouldn't lose any pressure over time.

Get out the soapy water and find the leak. It's often a bit of a pain to find it, but it's worth it.
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Working as a construction inspector, I had many different protocols for pressure testing for gas, water, and refrigeration. Most testing for gaslines was at 150% of normal pressure for 24 hours. We kept track of temperature differentials and and adjusted the test accordingly. However there should be no more than a 1% loss in the system pressure during that time. A 15 minute test is useless unless you are losing pressure rapidly. Get out the soapy water and check each joint.

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