HDPE Compressoin fitting - how tight?


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Question HDPE Compressoin fitting - how tight?

I am new to installing plumbing, and got some advice from a plumber that sounds questionable, so I thought I would ask you guys what you think.

I'm installing a new water line from the tap in the street to my crawl space 30ft away, to supply the whole house. I went to the guy who installed all the water stubs for the town when they put the road in, as he's apparently the only guy in town who sells the fitting I need to hook up to it.

He sold me 3/4" HDPE pipe, a metal insert for each end, and a metal compression fitting for the house end. (The water hookup from the town water system already has the same compression fitting on it for the street end)

Here's the question: The plumber said that when I hook up the pipe, I need to crank the nut on the metal compression fitting all the way until it bottoms out, even if it seems too tight. Is this actually a good idea?

Everything I read about compression fittings says that you need to be careful to not over-tighten them, or else they will leak. The plumber also has a questionable reputation in town. Is this guy just trying to scam me into causing a leak and then calling him in to fix it later? Or is he just trying help based on his past experience with these fittings?

I need to know how tight to crank that fitting, because it's going to be buried 10-15 feet deep and will be very hard to fix later.

Thanks for any advice!
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Disregard my post. I posted the wrong video.
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I would go with the 'not overtighten'. Hose clamps are usually tightened to I believe about 40 lbs. I'm not sure about these particular fittings though, you'll have to wait for one of the plumbers to come by.
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Hello and welcome?

You are running PE pipe underground?

Are these plastic fittings?

We only used ford fittings. I still do. Possibly the new younger guys are using these new fittings..

Whats exactly on the street side????

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Thanks! This is a great forum!

They are indeed metal Ford fittings.

Up here in my small town in Alaska, this HDPE is the only pipe people put in the ground. It is apparently more freeze-resistant than other options. Sometimes the frost depth exceeds 8 feet here, so its better to take every precaution. (My line will be 6 feet down, insulated, inside a conduit for easy replacement, and wrapped in heat tape, just in case. I'm also installing temperature probes.) Even then, the city guys said I should just keep it flowing all winter to be safe. There's no meter, so it won't cost me anything to waste the water.

Anyway, I think my question has answered itself. I went up to my lot today to talk to the town water/sewer guys who were there installing a new sewer line for me, and when I asked them about the water line fitting they just hooked it up for me as part of their "inspection". They said they crank those things as tight as they can get them. So I guess that's the answer.
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Well thats what I do with the ford fittings, but cranking the plastic ones down I am not sure on that.

I would hate to see the plastic nut crack and split from over tightening..Which could possibly happen after the fact.

IMO why not just use the ford/brass fitting?
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From post five:
They are indeed metal Ford fittings.
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