Installing Noryl Bypass


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Installing Noryl Bypass

I'm in the process of installing a water softener that I purchased from Ohio Pure Water I've run into some confusion with their instructions. I'm needing to connect a Noryl bypass to some threaded female to pex connectors. In the OPW manual it states to use plumbers compound on the threads of both the bypass and the connectors, but the way it's worded I'm not sure if this applies to the noryl bypass or just the stainless steel. The plumber's putty i purchased states to not use on plastic which is what made me stop. The OPW manual also says not to use Teflon tape. So what is it: putty, tape, or nothing at all. Thanks.
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I can't speak specifically about the Noryl valve, but if it's a threaded connection with no rubber gaskets built in, you should be using pipe joint compound otherwise called a thread sealant. This is different than plumbers putty that's often used on sink drains.

The thread sealant lubricates the threads to allow a tighter seal. To be honest, I usually use two wraps of teflon tape followed by thread sealant for an error-free connection.

If any of the connections are flared or have rubber gaskets built in, no tape or sealant is necessary.
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I would call them directly. 1-888-644-6426
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Hi jr –

I think I have the same set of instructions I downloaded from Ohio Pure Water some time ago when I was contemplating the correct route for me. I didn’t get my equipment from them but I do have the stainless steel bypass valve which I put it on my Fleck 2510 valve on my AN Neutralizer tank.

The section heading in their manual says:
“Instructions for installing a Noryl Yoke, a Stainless Steel Yoke, or a Stainless Steel Bypass Valve”.
Then later on in that section they talk about using “pipe joint compound” on the threads, but directly after talking about soldering adapters on to copper stubs. (I did that, my pipes are copper.) Seems confusing? Did they mean pipe joint compound for all threaded connections, or just metal? But I think there is a resolution.

They identified the Noryl yoke as having male threads and indicate female adapters are thus needed on the piping.

I think these are not very clear instructions, but I think if you analyze it carefully, and assume they know what they are doing, and recognize that their comment about pipe joint compound is under their heading I referenced above which includes Noryl, then I think they are saying you should use pipe joint compound on the threaded connection at the Noryl adapter.

At least that’s the way it seems to me. I know some of the pipe joint compound I’ve seen says you can use it on plastic.

Like Zorfdt my first instinct is to use teflon tape with thread sealant but I just checked and I only used pipe joint compound. It’s all coming back now lol, I used their instructions (even though I bought the valve elsewhere) and they say:

We do not recommend using Teflon Tape on these coarse Yoke or Bypass thread
So I didn’t use tape with the compound and I haven’t had any leaks. I guess a quick call to them as Pulpo suggests wouldn’t hurt.

Good luck!
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