Installing a dishwasher far away from sink.


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Installing a dishwasher far away from sink.

I was wondering what would be the best way to go about this job. I just purchased a old house that currently doesn't have a permanently fixed dishwasher. I want to install one but will not be able to put it anywhere near my kitchen sink due to the space issues of an old house kitchen design. What would be the best way to run the drain hose. Currently there is no ceiling in my basement so i was think of running it down through the floor along the joists and into the basement bathroom P trap. Would this be the proper way or should it be ran under the floor and back up to the kitchen sink. I can't run it through cabinets because it needs to cross behind a stove. Would running under the floor and then back up be too hard on the dishwashers drain pump? It should be easier on the pump just to have gravity help it out to the basement. How long is too far to run a drain line? Thanks
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I believe the only code-approved way would be to run it similar to a washing machine standpipe. You'd have a 1.5" PVC pipe come up through the floor and up to a vent or AAV. A sanitary tee, going to a trap, then a vertical standpipe where the dishwasher would drain into.

I wouldn't go down then back up, I don't think the dishwasher pump would be able to handle that long-term.

To be honest though, I've never installed a dishwasher like this, so wait for the pros to give their opinions.
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Dishwashers are not equipped to pump the water any distance. You can't have the dishwasher drain below the unit or the water will keep draining out.

Like Z said.... you'd need to bring a standpipe (drain) up behind the unit.
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Hi bk-

When I bought my house it turned out the dishwasher drained down through a hole in the floor to the basement. The drain hose from the dishwasher went through the hole and connected to a PVC drain line up on the basement wall which eventually connected to the main drain line in the basement.

I thought “wow”, that is really class, most people just connect the dishwasher drain under the sink. Here they actually drain it right down to the basement. lol (I didn’t have a clue. lol)

Turned out the dishwasher leaked and it was old, so I replaced it. Well investigating some and looking at a lot of installation directions for dishwashers, I found what the other guys here say to be the case. The dishwasher drain line is supposed to be within a certain height range. (Maybe that’s why the old dishwasher here was leaking?)

My solution wasn’t difficult because my dishwasher was right next to the sink so I was able to connect it easily. Seems like yours will be a little bit more work.

But good luck, hope it goes easy for you!

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