Bathroom Upstairs Leaking Downstairs PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

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Bathroom Upstairs Leaking Downstairs PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

I have a rental suite in my house and the upstairs bathroom is directly above the downstairs bathroom.

When showering there is a steady stream of water leaking through the ceiling down the wall of the downstairs.

What could this be and how can I check (troubleshoot) this issue. Nothing has been change or moved for a long time.

How can I tell if the drain needs to be replaced or just needs new putty?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Catch the water in a bucket and see if there's still a leak. Pour water down the drain from the bucket and see if that leaks. If neither, it's probably going through the wall or floor.
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To expand on Mitch's suggestion, showers/baths leak in one of three places:

1) The supply pipes/faucet/diverter. It leaks only when the water is running (or all the time if it's before the faucets. (running the shower into a bucket would show if this is the case)

2) The drain connection or drain piping. This leaks only when water is going down the drain. (Dumping a bucket of water into the shower/bath would indicate if the seal or pipe is leaking)

3) Poor caulking inside the shower area. This is usually pretty apparent and can be found if there are any spaces in the tile or possibly water splashed out of the shower area.

Once you figure out which area it's coming from, it'll be much easier to figure out your next step.
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Does it leak when the tub isn't in use? If not, then it isn't the supply piping leading to the valve. If so, you may have a leaking supply line, connection, or valve body.

Only when showering? Bad valve body or between valve and shower head. Or getting through caulking or out of the tub onto bath floor.

Does it leak if you fill the tub up (plugged) and let it sit? Then it's either leaking through a crack in the tub itself or around the drain flange.

If it leaks only while draining, then you have a bad/cracked/unglued drain line.

Sometimes the only way to know is to cut an access hole in the wall behind it or the ceiling below it. You'll likely have to do that anyway to affect any repairs.
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Hi, Maybe water on the floor.Pour some water on the floor by the front of the tub to check.

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