Good lord, is there some kind of trick to working with PVC?


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Good lord, is there some kind of trick to working with PVC?

I perfectly squared my 2" pvc pipe, applied the primer and cement, then stuck on the coupling. It maybe got at best 2/3rds the way to the lip of the coupling. Then I had to freakin cut it off and now I have precious little space to work with when I try again (and I might not even have enough). What did I do wrong? Did I not push the coupling on hard enough? It looked like the coupling kept wanting to pop out. I'm so frustrated I want to break my tv lol. Thanks
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I'm not an accomplished plumber but i'd say either not enough glue, too slow, or some of both.
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I'm also not a pro, but (if I get this right) you only put the glue on the pipe and not in the coupling. If the glue softens the inside of the coupling the edge of the pipe can dig into the sides and prevent full insertion. Timing is another issue, as the longer you wait the softer everything gets, so once the glue is applied get the parts pushed together as quickly as possible. Tighten the lid on the glue later.

If you have enough space I always like to give the parts a little twist back and forth as they go together to better distribute the glue, but be quick and have a reference marh for where you want them to line up.

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Glueing PVC Couplings

Push the coupling all the way "home" and hold for 30 seconds. Otherwise, the coupling will creep out. I do not know why.
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Hi amateurplumber Ė

Iím no expert to say the least, but I have to disagree with Bud a little bit. As far as I know you are supposed to put the solvent in the fitting as well as on the pipe (thatís what I do). I believe you first put primer also in the fitting cup and also on the pipe (I do that also).

If you dry fit first you might find that the pipe will not bottom out in the fitting, it may be too tight and might not even go 2/3 of the way. However when you get the solvent in the cup and on the pipe, and then quickly push the pipe in the fitting with some force, it will probably bottom out. At least thatís been my experience. (I think sometimes I had to wiggle it a little to get the pipe all of the way in, even though I think the experts say wait until the pipe hits the bottom and then twist ľ turn to spread the solvent).

I believe that when the pipe and fitting soften from the solvent you are able to get the pipe farther in than when (if) you had done the dry fit. I think thatís why many people say donít dry fit and measure because you will get bad results.

Just saying this because you didnít say that you put solvent in the fitting, and assuming my little disagreement with Bud is correct, lol Ė that could be your problem. Seems like without solvent directly on the fitting wall, the wall might not get soft enough to accept the pipe.

Hope the resident plumbing expert stops by here Ė I would really like to hear what he says.

Good luck!


Then I had to freakin cut it off and now I have precious little space to work with when I try again (and I might not even have enough).
Just thought of this, I'm pretty sure you can get repair couplings for PVC, so I think you could make up lost pipe with a repair coupling. Pretty sure, maybe the other guys know for sure.

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Prime and Cement on both the pipe and the coupler. Push together, give a small twist and Hold it together for 10 seconds for everything to set up. I then drag my finger around the joint to spread any ooze out evenly around the joint. If you do not push together and hold, they will push each other apart.
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I agree, prime and cement both pieces, but only put the glue on the first half or so of each piece. Reduces excess squeeze out into the fitting but allows plenty of glue to seal the joint. And yes, you have to push hard and hold for 10-20 seconds.
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