basement drains

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basement drains

I really need some help with my basement drainage, I am pretty confused and don't have that much money for a plumber at this time. (I bet you heard that before!!)

Anyway, I have a 1/3hp sump pump. It discharges laundry, water softner AND runoff to the sanitary sewer. (I believe this is allowed in my area). The laundry drains to tub which drains to sump. The main lateral is about 7 feet above the washing machine and the main cleanout/exit point is about 3 or 4 ft above basement floor level. Sump pump has cheap check valve.

Fearing what would happen if I had a sewer blockage, I installed a tee on the sump discharge and put two shutoff valves on the lines. In the event of a backup I would be able to discharge the sump pit to the outdoors in a not so convieent location that would suffice until I had the blockage corrected.

I have considered discharging the sump to daylight permantly. However, I don't think splashing laundry water onto the side of my house is a good idea.

What is the proper setup?
Is it totally wrong to have laundry going to sump pit?
What should I be considering here?
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It may be allowed to dump into the sewer because its gray water. But dumping gray water outside may not be allowed..

From what I know code here in NJ the laundry and softner should go to a seperate pump like this...( Softner and laundry drain to sink)

Liberty Pumps : Drain Pumps

With a backwater valve installed incase you have a back up..

Then discharge the sump to outside...
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If I continue to use it as I have it going to the sanitary sewer, is a basic check valve that most people use for sumps adaquete in case of a sewer backup? Or am I asking for trouble?

Those liberty pumps say no AAV, is there any that allow an AAV?

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It is not desirable to have laundry waste water go to sump pit. The detergent will shorten the life of the sump pump, and any lint could graduually clog the sump pump.

The cleanout (3 feet above basement floor) is in a bad location given the sewer lateral to the street (7 feet above basement floor). Don't ever open it; sewage will come pouring out. Install another cleanout at or slightly above the level of the lateral near where the latter enters the foundation.

Any opening in the home drain pipe system lower than the top of the main sewer line in the street is a potential backup place.

A check valve on the sump pump outlet to the sewer is a good idea but is not perfect. It could be held ajar by sediment and then some sewage backup seepage could occur. But it is better than nothing and chances are not all the worst case items will happen at th esame time and you will be able to manually bail out any backup faster than it comes in.

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