Rusted/partially broken drain pipe threads

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The bathroom sink was clogged. Removed the U-shaped trap and the 90 degree elbow. The pipe that goes into the wall was clogged. When re-assembling the parts I noticed that the threads on the this pipe are severely corroded and uneven (part of the threads have broken off). I can't get the elbow to thread back on securely. How do I repair the damaged pipe (there appears to be about 3/4" of usable thread left on the pipe).
Thank you.
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Is there any room to get a pipe wrench on it so you can remove and replace it?
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I was concerned that I would cause more problems by taking that off.
I went with a temporary fix that uses a rubber coupling: it fits over both pieces and provides a tight seal (at least for right now). And it keeps the same geometry and dimensions.
There is a piece surrounding the pipe as it goes into the wall, looks like a donut. It could just be covering the hole but I don't know its function. That piece is not used in the other bathroom and you clearly see the hole in the wall.
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The donut is called the esceution (sp?) plate, is is a finish plate to make the wall look nice by covering up the hole. In regards to your problem, the coupling that you used should be fine but I would take a close look at the other end of that rusted thru pipe. Often when one end of a threaded pipe is rusted out then the other end is not far behind.

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Go to hardare store ask for Fernco coupling in the size pipe you need---this will allow you to convert to pvc--much easier to work with.

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