Water supply. Please help I am lost


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Water supply. Please help I am lost

Can't find where to turn my water on for my fridge. Just moved in. Previous owners turned it off because they moved there fridge out. Can't locate. Not under sink. No water flow. Any suggestions?
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Are you certain that the prior occupant had a fridge which was hooked up to a water supply ?
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Do you have a basement or crawl?

Just follow the line from the fridge if you can...

If not under the sink try other sinks. Look near water heater. Could be saddle valve or regular 1/4 inch valve...

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Hi, When you moved in you did you notice if there was a water line in place for your refrigerator?
If there was did it come up from the floor down from the attic, into a cabinet through a wall? where is the nearest water source. check under all the sinks.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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Also check the water heater. I have run them from the cold side of a water heater in a garage when it was closer than the sink.
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Checked sinks, water heater. All sources I can think of. Still nothing. Any other suggestions? I am lost
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Easiest to have your realtor (that you paid a lot of money to) contact the prior owners or their realtor (that you also paid money to) and get the answer. Everyone has cell phones and email...you'll probably get a pretty quick answer.
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How certain are you the previous owner's fridge actually did have a water line run to it? If it really did, they might have removed it and taken it with them. I've seen stranger things in houses I've purchased. But if so, there'd still be a hole somewhere behind the fridge (in the floor, wall, or maybe cabinet). There might also be a saddle valve somewhere - I doubt they would've taken that.
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Can't find where to turn my water on for my fridge
What is behind the fridge?
A 1/4" copper line with no valve?
A 1/2" copper stub out with no valve?

One thing I have seen fairly often:
Check under sink again. The old owners may have had a reverse osmosis system they took with them. If so, you might find an abandoned tube that runs from sink base to back of fridge and isn't connected to a water supply.

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