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My wife and I bought a newly built home about a year ago, and have been struggling to find ways of increasing the quality of our water.
We have a well/septic system.

The well system looks like a professionally installed system, everything is working well. However...

(1)our water stinks a foul smell

(2)we have "black" water coming from our faucets when they are first turned on (it gets clearer, as it runs).

(3)water is very "cloudy", but if you fill a glass, it eventually clears.

We have clourinated our well when we first moved in (professionally done).

We had a top quality water softner system installed.

Any replies are appreciated.


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To start off I am not a water treatment expert by any means but I have done some research on the subject.
The first step in treating water is to determine what is in the water that needs removed, and the level it occurs in the water,
Then pick a treatment sytem that will remove enough of the substance to make the water safe to drink and or more appealing to drink and shower with.

Every system has strong points and weak points and it is important to know what you need so you do not purchase a scud missle to kill an ant. (which is what some companies will attempt to sell you)

Also consider the water source. Is there a possibility there could be a problem with the source that could be corrected? Like the leach field too close or a well that needs redrilled (just for some examples).

Good Luck
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I'm no water treatment expert either, but I agree with John.
Call your local Health Department for water tests to determine what the problem is, and then install the type of filter(s) necessary to correct the problem(s).
Have you checked with any area neighbors to see if they have had similar problems?
As long as no part of your septic system is within 100' of your well, there should be no problem with that. The Health Department should have specified where the well and septic system were to be located in their permits, inspected both, and then approved them prior to hook-up.
A water softener only removes calcium and magnesium, which cause "hard" water.
The foul smell is probably naturally occuring hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg odor), and an oxidizing filter followed by a carbon filter would help with that. A fiber filter may be necessary for the sediment.
The Health Department technician should be able to help you solve the problems.
Good Luck!
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Bad Water

When we purchased our house we had the same problem...smelly water, sediment coming out of the faucets and rust stains. We purchased an IRON CURTAIN filtration system, in addition to the 30 year old water softener, our problems were solved.

Hope this helps.
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