Replacing water lines

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Replacing water lines

I have 55 yr. Old galvanized pipe from meter to home and all pipes under home are all galvanized.All pipe now is 1/2" so what size should I use I was thinking 1" pvc from meter to house and then 1/2" pvc under home and up to all connections. Would this be good.I want to use pvc instead of the pex.Thanks for your help
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If I were doing it I would run the 1" pvc from the well to inside the house, where I would convert to 3/4" PEX, making a home run of it, turning up at each point of use with 1/2" PEX. You will be able to keep constant pressure with little change in water temperature, say when someone is in the shower and a toilet is flushed.

I know you said you didn't want to use PEX, but it is a far superior product to CPVC, which you would need to use for your inside runs rather than PVC, since PVC won't handle hot water. Regardless of the product you use (CPVC or PEX), the sizes would remain the same.
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I agree 100% with Chandler.
Why would you not use Pex?
Faster, you can make longer runs with less fittings.
Not going to burst if it freezes.
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chandler wrote:
If I were doing it I would run the 1" pvc from the well...
Except the original post stated:
...I was thinking 1" pvc from meter to house ...
This tells me that he does not have a private well but is on a municipal water system.

While 1/2 inch galvanized water service was fairly common some fifty or more years ago for at least the last twenty to thirty years one inch has been common with a 5/8 or 3/4 inch meter. I personally would run nothing less than one inch from the meter to the house regardless of the piping material. Be sure to run the piping at least 12 inches below grade or below the frost line, whichever is deeper. In my opinion, which will buy you a cheap cup of coffee at a greasy spoon restaurant if you add at least a dollar, black polyethylene plastic of at least 160 psi rating is the preferred pipe if for some reason you cannot run type K copper.

Once in the house run nothing less than 3/4 inch pipe, again, regardless of material, for any line that will serve more than one fixture. Only use 1/2 inch for branches to single fixtures.

In my experience CPVC gets brittle with age and I simply refuse to use it. PVC must not be exposed to sunlight as it will also become brittle. As stated, PVC cannot be used with hot water. If you can't use copper, either because your water is aggressive or because of cost, then PEX IS the best choice. The tools for PEX can be rented.

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