1 1/4in pipe nut doesn't fit the threads at the wall?

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1 1/4in pipe nut doesn't fit the threads at the wall?

I have a 1950s home and recently put in a new vanity. The 1 1/4 plumbing fits perfectly into the brass receiver at the wall but the metal pipe nut just barely slips over the the threads. Almost feels like it should be 1 3/8 or something. The original one I took off was siliconed on so I assume someone else had the same problem.

The brass threads at the wall look fine but they could be rounded or stripped I suppose.

Any ideas? Is it possible I need a non-standard part I can find?
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Please post pictures so we can better understand what you have. http://www.doityourself.com/forum/li...rt-images.html
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I think Ray’s advice is good, pictures sure would help. I replaced p-trap assembly under a vanity a week ago. I have a 1967 house.

When you say the threads look good are you sure there isn’t buildup on the threads. I took a wire hand brush and carefully cleaned the threads moving the brush 360 degrees around the pipe. I also brushed some liquid wrench around the pipe since that seems to clean everything. I’m not sure plumbers would think that’s a good idea but I don’t see what that can hurt.

Anyway the idea is to make sure the threads are really clean and you can see the brass – but do no damage with the cleaning process. When you say the nut barely slips over, that sounds like you are saying you really can’t even get the nut started because of buildup.

Maybe others would disagree but I think as your starting point make sure you have those threads really clean and you can see the brass.

I had the same problem: I couldn't get the nut started. But cleaning the threads really well did the trick.
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Totally agree with Zoesdad. I have had the same situation.

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