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I'm thinking of replacing ALL of the water pipes in my home, but I'm not sure how everything is supposed to hook up. I recently had an artesian well drilled and I have a reserve/pressure tank. Right now the main line from the well pump goes into the tank, and there is a junction from there that links to the hot water heater, but I'm confused as to how it hooks up there and where the hot water comes out, as well as the cold water. Anybody know?
My next question has to do with copper pipe size. If I run a larger pipe size for cold and hot to get the water to the tub/kitchen/bathroom sink, and then use a smaller pipe to connect to the faucets, does that increase water pressure?
Thanks for your help.
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Hello........pls bear with me..........a lil short on time..but I did want to answer part of your question

My personal opinion from a service standpoint...

(I may be starting a baseball game here LOL~~~~"batting this around")

Unless all your pipes will be enclosed and consistently in non-possible-freezing conditions year-around, you may think of PEX pipe.

In any situation, copper in freezing conditions (uninsulated) with still water in it will split....consistently.

Having run PEX the past couple yrs., I LOVVVVVVVE IT!!!!!!!
~~~~~~it is flexible, where you can bend it a lil here and there, is approved with stellar results for hot and cold, time wise it runs circles around copper prep and soldering, fittings,etc. are about equal if not less.
Additionally Pex with the oetiker clamps have been tested and surpassed for pressure via a push-pull without fail.

You may have to rent ($5 est.) the crimps. I have tried the black rings and also the oetiker clamps (approved). The oetiker clamps are great. The crimp for them will not "let go" til you have the clamp in the best affixation.

With the rings, you have use your "go-no go" gauge to make sure you got it.

Just had to pop in and share my views on it.

I'll try to check back in the a.m. and see if someone answered the rest of your question. Thx.again for your patience, my pillow's calling (grin)

P.S. All houses I have worked on run 3/4'' up to your supply lines to hot/cold then they change out to 1/2 or 3/8.

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first of all raven is right about the ease of running pex tubing i have used it on one job but i never will again for the simple reason that i am very meticulous its hard to make it nice and neat and plumb. I would run a 3/4 type L main line through the house and then branch off of it with 1/2 stubs to the fixtures , now on the hot water tank im not sure if i understand your question the cold always is on the right side of the tank and the hot is on the left
hope this helps, one other think there is an advantage to the pex tubing in that you can build a manifold for the cold and hot side of every line so you can shut each and every hot or cold side off to anything, but i just don't like the cosmetic value of it just an oppinion no offense to raven
hope this helps
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Heyyyyy George

Thanks for your input and no offense taken at all

I welcomed other opinions ("batting things around") LOL

My PEX is always in the belly of mfd-mobiles or as waterline covered up by heat-tape/insulation, but I understand your statement re: cosmetic.

Thanks for hopping in and sharing your view.


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