Disinfecting water system: can extended contact time hurt plumbing?

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Disinfecting water system: can extended contact time hurt plumbing?

I had a new well drilled and I need to disinfect the well and all the plumbing.

I'm following the Ohio Dept. of Health instructions for disinfecting. The instructions say to maintain a contact time of 8 to 24 hours. The well driller said I would get better results if I leave the chlorine in the system for two days (36 to 48 hours).

Does anyone know if leaving chlorine at 100-200 ppm in household plumbing for more than 36 hours can hurt anything - like the pressure tank, valves, polybutylene pipe, etc?

I do not have a water softener, reverse osmosis, or filters of any type.

Thank you.
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200 ppm is the standard chlorine concentration for shock treating a well and plumbing system.
Three hours to overnight at that level is the standard recommendation, 24 hrs would be ok but 48 is completely unnecessary but will not damage your plumbing if you choose to do it that long.

There is only one concern and that is the possible leaching of lead if you have lead based solder in your plumbing system.
If you do then I would say no longer than 24 hrs.

Shock treating a well.

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