Big time hammering/shaking of pipes after PEX add on install.

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Big time hammering/shaking of pipes after PEX add on install.

I have no pics, but can get some of what I am talking about if needed. I am thinking a faulty valve, the reason follows below. But looking for other opinions before I tackle this in the morning.

This is on main 1/2" iron waterline. There was a T on this, with a spigot used for outdoor watering from inside.

I removed that spigot and put a T with a 1/2" gate(type) valve before it. Off that new "T" I ran the same spigot as well as an added 1/2" male adapter for PEX line. I ran that PEX line up and over to an outdoor sillcock valve.

When I turn on the valve before the T to allow water to go to the spigot and PEX run, I get massive shuddering in the main line. It does not go away. As I open up that gate valve, I hear the hissing of water starting to go through like I have hear 1,000 times. But that stops, as does any trickle of water. It takes a couple more turns with no water flow and that is when the hammering/shuddering starts. I tried it with the PEX line end valve open with the same result(was figuring trapped air)

First time I have experienced anything like this in this house. It seems to me the problem lies in the new gate it seems to let water start going through then stops. I am going there tomorrow to replace that valve, unless it may be something else?
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Gate valves can do all sorts of weird things when not fully open or fully closed. It's also possible yours is just defective. I suggest you replace it with a ball valve; they are superior to gate valves in many ways.
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This is James77. For whatever reason, I could not keep positng under that name after that thread. Emails to admins were not responded to. There is no reason why I would be banned, maybe some fluke?

Anyways....I replaced the valve with a ball valve and all is well. So it was a bad valve.

Thank you for the response
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You were not banned. You probably joined the board from a social media source rather than signing up directly at DIY.

The administrator, Sharp Advice, is not online here everyday but if you sent him an email.... you will hear from him.

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