Plumbing flush advice

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Plumbing flush advice

We were having some water pressure issues, plumber found the membrane on our water soften broke and is releasing resin beads into the plumbing. I did see them in faucet aerators, the toilet tank etc.

The plumber recommended a flush of the plumbing (they said it's an all day job) and quoted $2500 for the flushing and $2200 for a new water softener.

So 3 questions:
1) I've bypassed the softener, cleaned the faucet filters and all the pressure is now fine. I've filled up the bath tubs a couple times and let the water settle and cannot find any beads in it. I tried with both hot and cold water. Is it still reasonable to look into getting everything flushed?

2) Again, no beads found when running the hot water but should we go ahead and flush the water heater (gas unit)? I checked a few sites and it doesn't seem all that difficult but I'm not all that mechanically inclined so I'd be in unfamiliar territory.

3) I see water softeners go for around $500ish so their quote to install the new and remove the old for 1700 seems a bit high. I looked up the date code of the softener and it seems to be about 15 years old. Can this likely be repaired or just bite the bullet and get it replaced. Since we already have one, the plumbing is already in place so again, I may be able to do that myself or just hire someone to replace it if need be.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.
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#1. You are probably OK.

#2. Yes, flush out the water heater.

#3. The price is not out of line. He is supplying and installing a new unit, removing the old unit and guaranteeing his work. And it will be to code. Will he be willing to install a unit you buy separately at a reduced cost and still guarantee his work?
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Hrm... it's just my opinion, but the price does sound a bit steep.

I don't know why flushing the system would take a whole day. Run the water through the pipes for a bit, then clean out the aerators and such. The water heater can be drained and refilled.

And as you said, the softener is about $500, even if it's 2-3 hours for an install, say another $500 or so...

But regardless of what I think, the best answer is to get a quote from another plumber and see how it compares.
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A lot depends on where you're located. Remember plumbers, electricians and other skilled labor professionals must maintain state licensees, take periodic test, keep up to date on new techniques, pay insurance and maintain equipment. Plus, right now they are in demand. topic...

We have a nation wide shortage of skilled labor. Here in the Buffalo area the labor unions are posting bill boards looking for young people to enter the market. Sad commentary on our failed education system. Back when I was in high school the Buffalo area had about 5 or 6 high schools that taught machine shop, wood shop, vocational skills such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical. Most any boy knew what a lathe was and what it could do. Now we have a bunch of computer nerds who can't tell a screw driver from a pliers. But they can sure trouble shot a computer problem and play a computer game. But can they fix a toilet? Install a simple electrical outlet? Not so much. Hell, most can't sew a button or balance a check book. Everyday life skills are no longer considered important in our education system. OK, my rant is done.

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