Washer Waste Water Backing Up


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We have been in our new [30 yr old house] a year now. The previous owner took the utility sink w/them and capped the drain. This sink sat right next to the old [10+ yrs] washer. This washer drained fine, but was to small for the family. We bought a GE extra large capacity washer. we installed and the drain water came back up through the drain pipe [1+ gals all over the floor. A friend had a snake so we snaked and came up with a little bit of long lint strands in the drain, otherwise it appeared to be clear. Hooked new washer up and still got wet! Put sulferic acid down drain over night and flushed the next morning. Ran washer and the water drained but it sounded like it was going up the vent pipe. Bought a PVC sink and installed it. Now when the washer pumps it fills the sink up while draining. Is this normal because of how close they are in the line? Also the clothes are getting covered by white lint. I was told this was soap. HD told me tat the drain line is probably filled w/soap skum and sold me an soap eating enzime. This redused the amount of lint but has not completely removed it and the sink still fills. Do I have a bigger blockage problem and what should my next step be. I have used acid again with no real improvement. Should I call a plumber w/a camerea snake? [how expensive would that be? Funds are very limited and the wife is not at all happy because she is washing loads 2 times before they are reasonable clean. Bigger washer is no help currently since she is still running the same amount of loads a day do to the need to double wash everything. PLEASE HELP w/my MONEY PITT PROBLEM!!!!!!!
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Try an enzyme soap-and-scum eating cleaner like DrainCare, and follow directions on jug. Let it eat overnight. Apply more than once, if necessary, if you're seeing improvement.
If that doesn't work, you might try one of those expandable bladders that go on the end of water hose that seals itself into the drain and flushes drain lines with water pressure.
If that doesn't work, you're going to have to snake the drain line(s) to clear it.
Good Luck!
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Expandable Bladder question. Since the sink and washer drain pipe are close and use the same main; will I need to plug the opeaning in order to get the preasure flow?
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My super capacity washer also fills my old concrete laundry sink before it drains away. In my case the restriction is at the sink trap itself,but the double basin has enough room to hold the water until it drains. Check your owners manual, usually there are recommendations for minimum drain size. 1.5" is the minimum I believe but I seem to remember some that call for a 2" drain to handle the volume of water discharged, or perhaps that was if one were using a standpipe.
If you have the correct size pipes, then a thorough snaking may be needed ,if you suspect a blockage; this may require roto-rooter service for decent results. If the drain is clear, then what about a double basin sink to hold the water until it drains?
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The washer goes into a 2" stand pipe follows to a T to vent and drain. Just above the T is the Y for the sink. It is also 2" to the trap connection. The main line that goes into the concrete floor is 3". I can see all this from the unfinished basement side. The rest of the house connects to the 4" main on the other side of the house approx 20' away. The single sink can handle the water, it is the lint build up that is really a bother. Will try more soap eating enzymes and possible the bladder if I get more info on whether the drains need capped for max preasure.


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