Water backing up when using washing machine....

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Water backing up when using washing machine....

I have a seriously messy problem that I really hope someone can help me resolve. The details are slightly gross, just a fair warning.
When I run the washing machine, the water empties into both of my bath tubs and toilets. In the one tub, the water looks like it's the laundry water because it's blue and smells like laundry detergent. In the other tub, however, it's like sewer water backing up. It smells awful and definitely looks like poop is in the water.
As far as the toilet go, first it sucks all the water out, then the toilets are filled with water. Same as above, one with washing machine water, and the other with sewer water. Also, water flooded both bathroom floors. It was almost like the water came from the stop valve of the toilet. There was toilet paper in the water as well.
After a while the water FINALLY drains and sometimes I have to use a plunger to help speed things along.
I've had a plumber come out twice and he said he found baby wipes when he ran the auger in the sewer pipe outside. I have no idea how because there is no possible way that baby wipes would have been flushed. Even when the plumber comes, the problem eventually presents itself again. It happens every couple of months. I can't continue to afford a plumber coming out every time this happens. I've recently bought a 20 ft auger, but I'm not completely sure I'm using it right.
Can someone please tell me what's causing this and tell me a way to fix this problem myself? Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums.

Sewer or septic system ?

It would appear that you have a clog below the sinks and the toilets. It would be pretty hard for us to tell you exactly where without knowing how your drains are plumbed.

If you have a basement.... pictures of the drain lines would help us. http://www.doityourself.com/forum/electrical-ac-dc/534445-how-insert-pictures.html

Are there big trees in the yard that could be crossing the underground lines ?
You could have tree root issues.
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I am kinda with PJ on this as well on tree roots but i have to ask do you know if your plumber runs the drain both ways to make sure they are open and also how far is he running his machine in and is the plumber using a small head on the machine or one that is as or close to the inside diameter of the pipe also it is possible if older lines that there could be a belly in the line that catches everything and clogs the line and there is a camera that can be run down or up drain pipe to see what is going on as well if it is tree roots you can put salt water or muriatic acid down the drain to help slow them down and please tell your plumber if you do acid down the drain so they know in advance I never did like a face full of acid to start off the day
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Flasher 162, welcome to the forums. Just a little advice. Note where the "period" key and the "shift" key are on your keyboard. It helps us to see complete and punctuated sentences, so we can respond properly. Thanks.
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Next time call another plumber. If the same plumber keeps coming out and can't fix it then he's either bilking you or doesn't know what he's doing.

As Flasher says, he needs to used a camera. Send pica as PJ asked. Show us a close up of your drains and a broad view. Has your vent stacks ever been looked at?

Another question. Is this a new installation or is it an add-on to existing plumbing system to an older system?
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Washers dump a lot of water in a hurry. Blockage could be anyplace beyond the last plumbing fixture. I would think closer to sewer. If sinks drain that water has room to collect in drain pipe and seep out over time.
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Welcome. As mentioned pictures would help.
Flasher mentioned a "belly". This could be your problem, especially if you have buried cast iron.

At some location, the pipe may have broken and collapsed. This collapse causes a dam.
Some fixtures will drain normally and water will slowly make it's way past the dam. Fixtures like showers and washing machines might or will cause waste water to back up. It's not pretty.

As mentioned, a plumber needs to come in with a cutter on a snake. They should tell you what size cutter they were able to pass through.
If they or you feel that the cutter was not sufficient, a video camera should be ran through the pipes and a DVD copy made.
Hopefully you only have to replace about 6' of pipe and not the entire sewer line.

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