Need help with propane gas line.


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Need help with propane gas line.

We use propane for the kitchen stove (75k BTU/HR) and gas fireplace logs (39k BTU/HR). I want to move my 100lb. propane tank from the side of our house, to behind the garden shed in back of the house. I dug a trench to bury the gas line and the distance will be 135ft to the house. After some research, I "think" I want to use gasflex for the trunk line to the house, due to it's noncorrosive properties and it can be buried with direct ground contact.

What I'm not sure of is what size line to run?

Eventually, I would like to add a second 100lb. tank and have a multiple cylinder manifold, with a automatic 1st stage changeover regulator, so I can fill one tank while running off the second.

Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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I moved your thread here as it's a piping issue.

I'm not a pro but I do have a few thoughts.

Who owns the propane tank ? A company tank cannot be touched.
This will be a permitted job with followup inspection ?
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I own the tank. The LP companies around her charge a annual $100 tank fee if you don't refill at least twice a year and we don't use that much gas.

I hadn't thought about the permit. I was planning to do the work to code. I guess I'll need to run to the county seat and get a permit. DUH!

BTW, Thanks for moving the thread and I apologize for the inconvenience. My bad.

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