Anyone try acid for toilet clog?


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Anyone try acid for toilet clog?

Starting say about 5 months ago my GF seemed to clog up her toilet quite a bit. When I checked it it was normally very ease to unclog. More recently it seemed to be fine for awhile until about 2 weeks ago when it clogged and it's been broke every since. She had water overflowing everywhere and it didn't stop till I turned off the water. Our plunger did not work like it has every time in the past so I went to lowes and got a snake. that worked a little bit the first time as the water would pause, then start to drain. But after I left it for a couple of days and it went back to being stopped up again. The snake the second time didn't seem to work and i pushed too hard and bent it slightly. Tonight in lowes they recommended I go with something more effective and it is some kind of acid in a bottle (which is inside a bag).

Before I pour it in, have anyone of you tried this? Thanks.
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I'm a little leery of using acid to fix a clog.

Are you on a septic system ? That would definitely make it a no no.
Is this a second floor toilet ?
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Just a shot in the dark, but have you checked the vent pipe for any obstruction?
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No not on a septic and no to second floor. It is master bathroom...
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What's she been flushing down that toilet?
Sanitary napkins and anything that has not been eaten, needs to be put in the trash not the toilet!
Drain lines need to be snaked out.
Most likely the toilet need to be removed.
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Is this toilet the only thing in the house affected by the clog or do other things in the house backup when the toilet is clogged?

Do NOT use pour down the drain products. First, it's extremely difficult to get a solution strong enough at the clog because the stuff is diluted by all the water before it gets there. Then, the pour down the drain stuff rarely works so you're back to mechanically clearing the clog except now you've got hazardous stuff in the pipe.
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Not asked or mentioned, how old is the house? Do you know what material the drains are made of?

No acid, ever!
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I'm not certain what was used but before I bought my house but some one had poured a bunch of something caustic down the kitchen sink drain. The drain pipe is pretty long going to the other end of the house before it hooks up to the main drain. That pipe looked like melted swiss cheese distorted and full of leaks. I'd be very careful about what I'd pour down the drain!

Do you have access to the drain line under the bath rm? or is the house on a slab?
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How do I check this? Thanks
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The house was made in Nov , 1980 if that helps and it has a cement foundation. Not sure what the drains are made of. To answer other questions, this is only toilet having issues. The only thing I can think of that might be related is a few years ago the dishwasher stopped draining the water when finished. It did this once before and clearing the disposer fixed it. But this time it didn't and we still have no idea what is wrong with it. That is the only thing I can think of that might be related...thanks.
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I'll agree with the others. The drain cleaners rarely work well despite the advertising.

It's likely a clog that just needs a bigger snake. Toilet drains can really only take toilet paper and ... well, you know. Any other types of wipes, paper towels, or other products can cause some pretty gnarly clogs.

You'll probably have to pull the toilet and snake from there. Or preferably - call a plumber to do the dirty work.
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I agree with all the others that using sulphuric acid is a very bad idea. It's likely to do more harm than good, and unlikely to do any good at all.

What kind of snake did you use? There's a snake made just for toilets called a closet auger. Most of the time the clog will be in the toilet, as it dumps into a larger pipe. It might take a few tries with an auger to clear it.

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