"Great Stuff" foam covering a soldered pipe joint?


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"Great Stuff" foam covering a soldered pipe joint?

So here is my situation. I have used "Great Stuff gaps and cracks" to seal up an attic plumbing vent bypass. The pipe is a 3 inch copper. A blob of the foam ended up going a bit higher than other sections (might have accidental applied an extra bead at that location), and is now touching, and covered a small portion of the soldered T fitting (the T fitting is few inches above the gap).

Just wondering if this will cause any problems later? Pressure or chemical wise? I imagine it probably wouldn't cause any issues, but being my first time using foams in a can, just want a piece of mind, or have a plumber on call ready if it is a no no.


Picture of said pipe and "blob".
Filled attic bypass with foam - Album on Imgur
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My first thought when reading the title was that you were trying to use Great Stuff to seal a hole in a soldered fitting. Thank goodness that wasn't your question!

No problem at all with the foam in contact with the soldered fitting.


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