Tiny little pipe draining, Not sure what it is.

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Tiny little pipe draining, Not sure what it is.

I have a little flexible copper pipe with a tiny little valve attached to the cold water input into my water softener (which then goes into the water heater, as my house softens hot water only, which from what I gather is normal?)
Anyways, the tiny little pipe has started draining water (into the basement drain hole) constantly. I am trying to figure out

A. What this little valve is even for and

B. Why it all of a sudden just started draining.

It looks like I could turn the little valve on it to turn it off, but I don't understand how it could have started without opening it in the first place? I have pictures below. The first one is up close of the valve/copper pipe coming off it, and the 2nd is a little further out showing it drain all the way to the floor.

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Usually the softener is on the main cold water line so that hot and cold are both softened.

I see the valve and the 1/4" copper pipe. Is that pipe just hanging down to the floor and not connected to anything at the bottom ?

It may be set up as some type of drain line. The sealing washer may have cracked inside the valve allowing it to leak now.
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I think that valve was installed for some other reason (humidifier, icemaker, etc) and later abandoned. Or possibly to drain the pipes for working on them like Pete said.

Those saddle valves are notorious for being poorly made and badly designed, so I'm not surprised that it started leaking/draining.

I would get a 1/4" threaded cap. Remove the copper tubing and cap off the valve.
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Is that a second saddle valve to the left side of the picture coming out of the water softener?
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Yes, that's a saddle valve to the left also. Maybe an icemaker line.

The 1/4" compression nut that the tube is inserted into can be removed from the valve.
Unscrew it, pull the tube out, and cap off the valve outlet.

Use a 1/4" compression cap with a 1/4" compression sleeve inside to seal off the outlet.

Cap: Sioux Chief 1/4 in. Lead-Free Brass Compression Cap-907-490201 - The Home Depot

Sleeve/Ferrule: Sioux Chief 1/4 in. Brass Compression Sleeves (3-Pack)-907-010203 - The Home Depot

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