Hot water in bathroom sink works but not shower?


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Hot water in bathroom sink works but not shower?

Hot water works in my bathroom sinks but not in my shower. I repeat, this only affects the hot water, cold works in both.
Sometimes the hot water will stop working in the sink, some days I turn on the hot water in either sink (double vanity) and it's flowing great and then.....I'll hear a slight knock or clunk and the water will just stop flowing and then it starts to work in the shower.
Not sure what's going on here.

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Iím neither plumber nor any kind of expert; I get my hot water from a tankless coil in my boiler, so I really donít even have a hot water heater. But trace your hot water line back from your bathroom. There may be a mixing valve somewhere, maybe at the hot water heater.

Seems to me if that valve were to go bad you might have very erratic pressures and who know what kind of flows and variations at the fixtures.

Just a thought!
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I think you have a bad valve. Remove and rebuild or replace.

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