Unsolder fridge compressor pipes


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Unsolder fridge compressor pipes

Hi, I have this fridge compressor and it will be used as an air compressor. I want to unsolder the pipes to get more air flow.

Do you think this is hard soldering?

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It is possible to unsolder in an easy way? What it would be the best way?

Thanks in advance.
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IF there is refrigerant still in the compressor and lines, it must be recovered by a licensed HVAC professional. It is not a DIY project. What type compressor do you think you will have once it is removed? It will probably only cap out at 20 psi, and will never turn off since there is no mechanism for that.
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Those lines are brazed and require high temperatures to remove.
When these lines are removed by brazing you need to be careful of a small flash of fire because of there being oil in the tubing and having to heat the lines to just slightly lower than glowing red.

Mark is right, it will not make a good air compressor.

The cfm capacity is fairly low and it is not designed for high volumes of air.
The motor windings will overheat if it runs for any length of time because they were designed to be cooled by low temperature refrigerant flowing over them.

The air this unit compresses will also have a fairly high oil content.
It is not designed for high flow you will get with an open suction line.
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Thanks for the fast reply.

I have two of this compressors, both have been removed by a licensed professional.

Will a 500-600 torch sirve for this purpose? I have removed most of the oil from the compressor and will replace with air compressor oil vg32.

This is what I want to achieve, a silent compressor with a small tank, for airbrush:

BTW the compressors I have, are the same brand and model as this one:

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And this is a newer version of this brand with a tank:

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This kind of compressors use an oil trap, for the same reason you specified.
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These compressors have different applications and although the cans look the same they work under different pressures, temperatures and flow rates.

I am familiar with air compressors like what you show and larger ones that are used for medical and dental purposes.
They have been converted from refrigeration compressors but are typically medium temperature units which would be cooler in use and bypass less oil.

Low temperature compressors which would be found on house freezers and fridges will work but will vaporize more compressor oil and get hotter during extended running.

A swirl type portable soldering torch using mapp gas should heat the stub enough to remove the tubing.
If you make a small coil on the discharge line it will cool the air enough that the vaporized oil and moisture will collect in the receiver tank and less will wind up in the air line.
Do it outside as there is often a small puff of flame from the residual oil in the line.
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Those are silver-soldered and you'll have to get them cherry red to get them apart. Why not cut the lines further up and connect from there?
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