Ye Olde Toilet Clog

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I live in an upstairs apartment, and our toilet is not draining properly. I immediately ran out to the local Home Depot and got a snake. That didn't work. I called the maintenance people. They came while I was not at home and said they fixed it, finding a clump of what appeared to be toilet tissue. There's just one problem - it's still not flushing properly.

You pull the handle, the bowl fills, but takes a good 10 minutes to drain, and you are still left with a bowl of "goodies". Being a novice, I can only think of 3 things:

1. Keep snaking it until I find something. (Maybe my son threw a toy down there, and it's still stuck)

2. Try Liquid Plumber. (Maybe there is a build up of "gunk" down there)


3. Shut off the water, let it drain, pull up the toilet, and see if there is something down there that the snake is not getting to.

I'm tired of relying on management, who could care less about it. In fact they told me that it's no big deal, because I "still have another bathroom" to use. And besides, they are handling other emergencies.

I can do this myself. Any suggestions?
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You're renting.
Let THEM correct the problem. No excuses.
Give them H until THEY fix it properly.
Complain! Complain! Complain!
It is THEIR problem.
Good Luck!
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I agree that you do have rights as a tenant to have your plumbing work. However You may be in for a bill if my hunch is correct. Do you have a small child? I have noticed that 2-3 year olds LOVE to throw things into the toilet. Here is my test. Snake the toilet or plunge it until water goes through it. Then throw three wads of paper through it on three consecutive flushes. If the toilet backs up at any time during this process then you may have an object jammed inside the bowl. I would pull the toilet to see if G.I. Joe is inside it or underneath it.

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