Vertical cast iron pipe cracked

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Vertical cast iron pipe cracked

Hoping that I didn't create the crack when I removed a 2x4 near it. I think this happened over time; the bathroom is in the basement and a 5 foot vent stack takes a 90 degree turn and goes through the tericotta block. The house is 1929 and the basement bathroom has true dimensional framing so it has been there a while.

I believe I also had what is called a wet vent because the faucet drained into the vent (I don't think that is legal). A few feet away is the toilet. The toilet has always lost water and doesn't seem to flush well. So perhaps there the broken vent was a factor? Also I always felt there was a sewer smell in the basement..especially when the toilet lost water.

Anyway I figured I could put some filler to seal the cast iron, but that will probably fail and I have no idea if the crack goes under the concrete. (I am guessing it is a "T") A linear path to the outside and the top part to the vent that is broken.

Other thoughts, maybe I can get it relined, but I dont think that is what you do where it will meet a fitting. Or I can replace to the fitting with a fernco coupler?


Some background that may help you determine how my pipes connect... In a clog outside several years ago, my bathroom toilet was the point of least resistance and the bowl almost overflowed with sewage. (If there is a T like I think there is and if there was a crack, then wouldn't it have seeped out there? Or maybe the crack is new.

In a second clog a plumber said I have a weird plumbing situation.. 2 U traps underground. One that goes outside and one that seemed to go into the bathroom and goes through my basement and goes up another cast iron vertical stack to my 1st floor bathroom.

1 last bit of information, it seems like they replaced the outside cast iron or orangeburg ( i would assume it was cast iron) a while ago, but the transition into the house to PVC never happened.

I am guessing you are going to tell me that I need to break all the concrete and put pvc everywhere?

All I wanted to do was remodel the bathroom!!
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Yep, there's no practical and safe way to salvage it. You will have to bust enough concrete to get to solid pipe and then replace with PVC using shielded couplings.

All I wanted to do was remodel the bathroom!!
See my sig.....

[Edit] And make sure when you cut the pipe that the section above it is well supported or it may come crashing down on you!
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Yeah, I'm with Paul. It's gotta go. I know it's not the answer you wanted, but it's the right one. You don't want to have to break up your new bathroom when it starts leaking.

I would replace as much of it as you can, especially including the galvanized pipes that go off to the sink.
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Hoping that I didn't create the crack when I removed a 2x4 near it.
You couldn't do that beating on it with a sledgehammer.

I have never seen a cast iron pipe crack like that.
It actually looks like the water inside froze, expanded and cracked it.
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Its a common occurrence for cast to crack with pipe that old. I see it all the time. It cracks at the seam.

You can convert to pvc at the nearest hub. That hub should be just at the floor level. I believe I see it in your pic.

Take pvc up to the roof ..

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