Was in process of replacing my toilet when this happened...worried.

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Unhappy Was in process of replacing my toilet when this happened...worried.

So I took out my old toilet, was cleaning the old wax off the flange when I knocked one of the plastic caps that go over the toilet screws on the floor down the toilet drain hole. Now I'm worried it's going to cause a clog. Do I need a plumber to suck it out somehow, or given (hopefully) the PVC drain pipe goes all the way down from the second floor to the drain line down in the basement, will it get flushed out once I put the new toilet on and flush water down on it? The toilet drain happens to feed directly straight down from the second floor to the basement, where I'm guessing the plastic cap is sitting right at the elbow in the basement ceiling (just below the first floor) where the pipe is 2.5" or 3" (sorry I don't know the standards) before it traverses about 3 feet to the main drain pipe which I guess is 4" down to the sewer. I know the plastic cap is small enough to traverse through the piping unless the pipe diameter is less than 1-1.5 inches, is what I'm guessing what the cap diameter is. I'm hoping a couple of flushes will push it out, or should I run some water with a hose through it to be sure before I put the new toilet back on?
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Don't worry about it. It's small enough to easily get flushed out the sewer line and won't cause a clog.
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Thanks, imagine how I freaked when I just saw that thing helplessly drop into the chute. I just took a shower in the same bathroom, where it also drains into the same drain pipe, so far so good, hopefully the water from the shower drain budged the cap further down towards the sewer line. Thanks for calming my nerves!
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As CT said, You should be good.
A larger toy or something would cause trouble, but the cap is pretty small.
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You are fine, nothing to worry about here at all. Far greater things have been flushed down the toilet than that plastic retainer. At least in my household...
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Like Mighty Morphin Rangers They would reconfigure as they went down the drain until they stopped, usually at a joint. And they stopped everything.
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Friend of mine somehow flushed his wrist watch, never heard more so it must be gone.
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sewer line clog

I used to work at a private sewer treatment facility, for a resort hotel. You wouldn't believe the things that will travel down PVC sewer lines. Cell phones were probably the most amazing, but there were many others. Small plastic nuts- no problem. Steve

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