Toilet bowl won't drain


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I just replaced the fill valve and flapper in my toilet and now when I flush the toilet the tank is very slow to drain, the flapper does not close and the bowl does not empty. Although I didn't think the bowl was clogged (it wasn't before the old valve started leaking), I plunged the bowl. If I plunge the bowl while the toilet is being flushed, the bowl will empty. However the tank flapper does not close and the next time I flush I am back to square one. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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If the flapper is not closing, then how can you flush it again, with no water in the tank?

Do you have a tube connected to the overflow tube? Are you using both ears, and the round fitting that slides over the overflow tube on the flapper?

Anytime you plunge the bowl, it is going to empty some, because you are forcing the water out of the trap built into the toilet bowl.

Need more information!!
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Question Tank empties too slowly

Regrettably, because the tank empties too slowly, I have to hand close the flapper. If I turn off the water and flush, the flapper closes properly when the water gets low enough, but the bowl does not flush. (As an experiment, I dumped a bucket of water into the bowl and the water flushed as expected, so the toilet is not plugged). The problem seems to be that the flow rim openings are not all operating and the water is exiting to slowly. Is there a way to get them open without removing the toilet?
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Hi, I had the same problem the cure was to pour Muratic acid into the overflow in the tank, about a half gallon. Let it set for about 45 minutes then flush. This will remove the lime buildup inside the toilet. Good Luck Woodbutcher
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Much safer than Muriatic Acid, is to cut a coat hanger in two, bend an "L" shape in one end, and use it to clean out the openings on the underside of the toilet bowl rim. A mirror will help find the openings.

Look in the bottom right corner of the picture in my previous post. You may also have a jet, if you have one of the newer "water saver" toilets.
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While checking the rim flow holes, I discovered a tank cleaning disk lodged in the trap. Removal of the disk allowed the water to empty properly (and quickly) from the tank. Flush problem resolved. Thanks to all for suggestions.

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