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ok, just bought an older house (30 years). i noticed the other night that the front bathroom toilet flushes slowly. the water fills almost to the bottom of the ring (where the water comes out) and swilrs for a good 4-5 seconds and the finally flushes. the whole flush takes what seems like longer than normal. also, sometimes waste comes back out of the "hole". and the water level in the bowl is an inch or two below normal. i've played with the float, tank water level, etc. i did noticed that no water comes out of the tube into the overflow to fill up the bowl. i looked at the other bathroom's toilet, which flushes fine, and noticed that the tank water level is lower than the mark and that no water comes out of the tube either. so i am not sure what i need to do. i'm concerend that one day the water will overflow the toilet simply because too much water is being dumped in, not due to a clog. it's also annoying to flush several times. any help or thoughts will be appreciated.... thanks.
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You have a couple of unrelated (other than they occur in the same toilet) problems.

First, when you flush it, the water builds up in the bowl, almost to the rim, before it goes down? That is a clog. Possibly something stuck in the toilet itself. Use a closet auger (toilet snake, about 3 feet long), and see if that will push it on out. Next step will be to snake out the waste line from the toilet, out.

Water not coming out of the tube into the overflow pipe to fill the bowl is an indication that the flush valve or ball **** needs to be replaced. probably has a lot of sediment built up in it. Put in a Fluidmaster

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