cracked and leaking pvc elbow


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How do i safetly remove a pvc elbow and nipple without ruining my pool filter assembly? The elbow is connected to a very short nipple att]ached to the filter. How do i get the nipple out of the filter without ruining it?

Please help

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You did not provide much info, so not sure what else is connected to nipple or elbow. Most common way to remove a PVC fitting is to cut it out with either a PVC cutter or hacksaw.
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PVC elbow

If the PVC elbew is threaded on you have a cheap fix even though it's a cheap fix anyway. With not much info provided I'll wing it. Get rid of whatever is downstream but unscrewing or cutting it away. Most likely the nipple is screwed into the filter. If it is you should get rid of the elbow by cutting it away if not becareful to leave yourself enough room to glue on a coupling. Once the elbow is out of the way use pliers or put a screwdriver or chisel into opening of the nipple and unscrew it. Replace the nipple up some pipe sealer for PVC make sure you read the labels a lot are not usable for PVC pipe and thread it into the filter. Replace the elbow with glue and connect with the downstream piping make sure when you glue you use primer and give each fitting a 1/4 turn after putting on and hold until they dry because they like to work themselves off if you don't maintain pressure.


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