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Approximately four months ago we installed a new fill valve in the toilet tank. We had to call a plumber to repair the tubing leading into tank, he changed it from spiral to flex and had to return to sweat weld a leak in the pipe going into the wall. After a couple of months the tank would not refill immediately after flushing until the cold water faucet was turned on at the sink or other water was running.
To alleviate this problem, we recently installed a new fluidmaster 400c Fill valve & flapper. The flapper will not stay down to allow refill of tank. It appears that air bubbles are coming in from overflow pipe preventing flapper from staying down. We tried different lengths of chain and varied water return pressure. After turning water back on there is a rumbling noise and vibrations in the pipes until a certain amount of pressure is reached.
Help!! What can we try now?
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If you have bubbles in your water, it is from air in the lines due to being turned off (which should eventually correct itself as the water is run), if you're on public water.
If you are on a well, the same thing can happen, but you also need to check the air pressure in the pressure tank to make sure that the air bladder isn't leaking. The pressure should be at or about your cut-on pressure (with pump running) and should maintain at least this minimum pressure.
Good Luck!
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Toliet Problems

First, get rid of the plastic chain (it floats & jams sometimes). Replace with metal chain. While you are at it. Now slip a machine nut through chain to give flapper weight.
Attach chain to flush arm with a fishing dbl-swivel.
I used the Fluidmaster (i'm not a happy camper). I found the wrong washer for tank, etc. Many trips to Home Depot.
Bowl flushed everytime before, now it partially empties and
rises a bit higher than normal and it stops before I get a good sucking flush. Plungering will only partially solve problem, and is not consistent.
Any help is appreciated. I have two other toilets in house and they work fine.
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Sounds to me like you have high water pressure, with high water pressure comming into the tank and a high rate.

As the water flows through the bottom of the fill valve, it has enough force to keep the flapper afloat and not drop fully seated to begin refilling the tank.

Try turning down the shut off valve until it allows the flapper to seat properly.
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Hi, The Fluidmaster comes with a part that clips on the overflow pipe and you connect the hose to it and the fill valve.Make sure you use that clip, don't put the hose down the overflow pipe, it could cause the problem your having.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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The problem is that the fluidmaster brand flapper is a piece o' crap. Get a Korky instead. The 400A fluidmaster is the best thing ever made, but I have never been a fan of those flappers. I refuse to use them. Try this if turning the water down doesn't help.

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