Installing propane line and stove

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Installing propane line and stove

To preface this question, we have been in an almost year long, extremely costly renovation of our home and I am an avid DIYer and most things in our house I was apart of including electrical and plumbing.

We purchased an appliance package back in April with a gas stove with the expectations that we would be getting NG installed. The way the current gas line in the street is run now would cost over $5k to run to the house while our next door neighbors would get it for free. Needless to say, we did not have enough in the budget for that and we are pinching pennies now to get the get to the finish line. We opted to go with propane and have since purchased a tank to go with the stove. We enlisted the services of a plumber to install the regulator and run the gas line. He toyed with us not showing up when he was supposed to. He actually gave the job to another plumber and both confirmed the price that we agreed on. The new plumber came out and said that price wasn't enough and refuses to come back out or return calls. I am extremely fed up and very close to the point where I do this myself. I am 98% confident that I can do this no problem but my wife is erring on the side of caution and wants me to try to work with this plumber or another and spend money which we don't really have.

For the interest of making things easier and the run shorter, I had the tank placed directly across from the location of the stove where there is already a hole in the exterior wall where there was once a downdraft vent for the previous owner's electric stove.

My plan would be to:
-Install an integral two-stage regulator to bring the pressure of the tank down to working pressure (9-13" W.C./~.5 PSI)
-Install a pigtail to go from the tank valve to the regulator
-Make the run from the regulator to the stove location with 5/8" soft copper pipe in the basement ceiling joists with flare connections
-Install a black pipe tee with a drip leg and shut off ball valve at the stove location
-Pressure test this assembly overnight
-Install the flexible gas pipe from the shut off to the stove and check for leaks
-assuming the pressure and leak tests passed, attempt to light a burner

I know that it is still recommended to get a licensed professional to do this, and that still might happen, but I'm tired of our stove sitting in our dining room and working with working with disrespectful, incompetent contractors.
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I don't have much experience with propane, so I'll leave the details to others in the forum. The basics sound reasonable though.

I would at least consider CSST instead of copper. It sounds like it's a short run, so copper should be pretty easy. But CSST is at least another option.

And sorry you're running into contractor issues... unfortunately, it does happen :/

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