1 zone of baseboard heat not working

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1 zone of baseboard heat not working

Pretty sure I've got this, but would like confirmation.

One zone of 4 on my boiler is not putting out heat. Gas company came out, gave boiler, valves etc. the thumbs up and say they believe the line has air in it and is not flowing. They can't do anything because they are not plumbers. So it's going to be -14 this week, and I have no heat in 1/4 of the house.

No bleed valve on that zone, Would like confirmation that this is the way to go.
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If I: a. Shut down boiler. b. Shut positive stops to all zones (orange handles in pic 1). c. Attach drain line to offending zone drain (in pic 1) into bucket of the glycol mix. d. Attach pump to drain line in 2 and feed from glycol bucket. e. open both valves and start pump

I should push glycol up through the return line, through the offending zone and back out it's drain, pushing out air and refilling line.

Correct? Or will I have a problem with the pump in 2 being in the return line I am trying to push the glycol through?

I don't want to screw up my boiler with even colder weather coming, let me know if I am overthinking this or missing anything.

THANKS for any help!

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First off is there glycol in the system now?

What does the psi and temp gauge read on the boiler?

I would just bleed the line and not worry about the antifreeze... But if the pressure is low in the boiler that may be your issue...

Or can the line be frozen? Possibly the glycol was not maintained... Youll know by purging the line...
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Thanks Lawrosa.

Yes there's glycol, pressure and temp are fine on the boiler, I monitor that pretty regularly.

There is NO bleed valve on that zone. I've checked in the past, and again today.

It could possibly be slushed, that's why I've got heat turned up in the 2 other closest zones, and am running space heaters on the exposed pipes near anywhere it heads into the wall/floor.

xmas was weird heating day, with MUCH more heat in the rooms below this zone than normal (large family, fireplace etc). I'm thinking it's possible that zone never came on all day on a very cold day and slushed. Gas guy that checked out boiler thought that unlikely though, didn't think it could be cold enough to slush the glycol mix.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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