How Do Straighten This Faucet Plumbing Out

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How Do Straighten This Faucet Plumbing Out

So as the wife and I were thinking of updating the bathroom with hardware like towel ring, faucet, t.p. holder and the like I looked under our sink and I found this plumbing mess. We bought the house a little under a year ago and I am sure this isn't right. The the drain go straight down the floor which is fine it is the mess beforehand that worries me as S traps are prohibited and that looks like a S trap . Any thoughts on how to straighten this out ? Thank You
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There are a couple things you could do to improve the drain. First, get rid of all the stuff from the bottom of the cabinet up to your trap. The first trap is fine, the 2nd upside down trap should go away.

I can't see the fittings at the very bottom of the cabinet. So you may need a threaded adapter that I'm not listing below. All these items will be glued together so you will want purple primer and all purpose glue. Test fit everything before you glue.

At the bottom of the cabinet, install a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" 45 degree wye, with the 45 degree part facing right. I assume that is 1 1/2" pvc pipe, so buy a 5' section of 1 1/2" pipe. Also get an 2" AAV and a 1 1/2" to 2" adapter. You will want to install the 2" AAV as high as possible above the vertical part of the wye. It should almost touch the bottom of the sink.

Get a new p trap kit that comes with a horizontal tailpiece, and replace both of your existing traps with it. Swivel the horizontal trap tailpiece so that it is pointing straight to the right.

Install a slip joint to 1 1/2" adapter that will fit inside a sweep 90 degree elbow... and put that onto the end of your horizontal tailpiece. The sweep 90 will now be facing straight down.

At the bottom of the cabinet, on the 45 degree side of the wye that faces right, install about 6" to 12" of 1 1/2" pipe into the wye with a 45 degree elbow on the end of that, so that it will be facing straight up, pointing right at the bottom of the sweep 90 elbow above it.

Measure the length of pipe you need to fit between the sweep 90 and the 45 degree elbow (these should line up vertically). Then loosen the slip connections, pull those pieces off, and glue that last section together. Then reassemble your slip p trap connections.

This would be a huge improvement.
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How old is the house? S-traps are a common sight in pre-1950's-ish houses.

A proper vent (or AAV) would likely help with faster draining, it may be worth considering leaving as-is if you aren't having issues. Of course, if you're doing significant work and replacing the vanity and such, it might be a worthwhile project. Just because it's an S-trap doesn't mean it has to be replaced.

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