Basement drain backs up after every shower


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Anyone have any idea what causes this? I rented an Auger and (thought) I cleared out the basement drain, but it didnt seem to help :-/. For about the past 2 weeks whenever a lot of water is drained (i.e. shower, washer) it comes back up in the basement seems to be getting worse too (each time it creeps a little further out)

What else can I do?

Any info helpful,

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Two possibilities I can think of: You have not adequately cleared the drain line, or you have a plugged vent.

The vent is easiest to deal with, so look for inch and a half to two inch pipes coming out of the roof. Look down them and remove any leaves, branches, bird's nests, etc. and then use a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle and flush them out good.

If that does not work, either call a roto-rooter company, or rent a power auger with a longer cable.
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I doubt there is any thing in the vent, you need to clean the line out to it's full bore, anything less, you will always have the problem.

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