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Can anybody help me fix my Delta single handled faucet?
I have a fairly common faucet in my bathroom that I just can't seem to get apart to fix. I have removed the handle and that is where the real fun started!
I can't get off the rounded body that should come off next. I have tried various pipe wrenchs, liquid wrench, and hot water all to no avail. The faucet will be replaced in about a year so I don't mind if I mar it a little getting it apart, but right now it is leaking so bad I need to repair. Any advise?
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Since your having that much trouble with it.

My advise is to replace it now with a good moen faucet.
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I've had single-handle Delta ball-type faucets in my kitchen and bathrooms since I built my home in 1977.
They are easy to repair. You don't even have to turn the water off to try the first thing that I would recommend.
First, try to adjust the cam to tighten the ball down on the two little spring-loaded seats just to see if that stops the leaking.
Use the points of a pair of needle-nose pliers, stick them in the little side slots of the plastic ring under the cam cap, and turn it clockwise to tighten it. That just may stop it.
If that doesn't do it, get a Delta repair kit, turn the water supply cut-off valves off under the sink and use a pair of channel-lock pliers, and turn the cap off counter-clockwise. (You can use a washcloth under it to keep from marring it.)
Remember how everything came out, because it has to go back in exactly the same way (see directions on package).
Also, go to "Repair/Fix-It" above and to for illustrated how-to info and just follow the links in plumbing to you get to those type of faucets.
Good Luck!

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Thanks to all!!! I have the faucet fixed. The key was the retaining ring. All the other Delta faucets I ever fixed that was so loose you did not have to loosen it. I got it loose, remembered my engineering principals of lever arm and finally got the cap loose.
Bozos that fixed it before me had jammed too large springs in the seats. Had to pick those out bit by bit with the trusty swiss army knife!
Back to no leaks. I feel more like McGyver each and every day I own this house.
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Way to go, Wondergirl!
If you ever need any help with anything, just come back and ask.

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