Water timer/valve

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Water timer/valve

Curious if anyone makes a programmable timer/valve that gets installed to the piping inside the home (via copper or pex). I'd like to be able to control when my outdoor spigots come on (for watering the lawn), but don't want to have to buy multiple timers for each spigot and mount them outside. It would be nice to permanently install a timer/valve in-line with the outdoor plumbing line to control them all at once.
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I have a couple of time clocks I bought off of ebay a few years ago that have, as I recall, three separate programs and outputs, essentially three time clocks in one. I think I paid about $20 each for them and they include a battery back-up so they don't lose programming during short power failures.

You could use such a clock along with three separate solenoid valves to control three separate hose bibs by installing the valves indoors in the piping to the individual hose bibs. Note that 3/4 inch solenoid valves may cost as much as $150 each unless you get them from ebay or the like. If you needed more than three then you would need additional time clocks.

You may also be able to use a standard irrigation controller with six or more zones and use intervening relays (24 volts AC most likely) to control 120 volt solenoid valves or motorized valves.

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Have you considered just using irrigation valves and a sprinkler controller? The irrigation valves are $10-20/ea. Though they do need to be outside, as they are designed to 'leak' water in certain cases as they are turned on/off.

I tried the "DIY lawn sprinkler" thing for a while, and finally decided to bite the bullet and install a real sprinkler system. It was a good project, and surprisingly not that expensive for the parts.
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I'll have to think about what approach to take. Thanks for the suggestions!
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Go with a proper irrigation system. If you try turning all your spigots on and off at the same time you could run into water supply problems with too many sprinklers running at the same time. An irrigation system will allow you to break your lawn up into smaller zones. The zones then are turned on one at a time instead of all at once.

I also think you'll hate having your spigots on a controller. What if you want to wash your car? You'd have to go around and manually turn off the sillcocks then override your controller to turn water onto the spigots. Then when done washing the car you have to go back through and get everything clouged back together again.

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