Drain line - is it a blockage or back slope / kink?


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Drain line - is it a blockage or back slope / kink?

A few years ago, we had the yard trenched and pipes (4" white outside, black inside plastic) put in the ground to take away water\ from the gutters.

The farthest one (front left of the house - this one runs along the front of the house, meets up with a couple others in the front then to the back woods) I've noticed for months now has water in it up to ground level (the pipe sticks up 4" above the ground to meet the gutters.)

I ran the garden hose into it 30 feet, running water and it didn't overflow / I saw water coming out at the woods / end of the drain, so it's not completely blocked.

All the other drain points are dry / have no water in them

Any tricks you can share to be able to tell if there's a blockage in the pipe or something has lifted the pipe under the ground a little / changed the pitch to keep the water from completely draining? I think I heard the term back slope?

The yard is pretty flat.

It's about 40' between the 2 drains in the picture - the far one has water in it, the closer to the drain end is dry. There's a wye so I can't see from the dry beyond the turn. Or snake up to the wet drain...

The fact that I can pour water in the drain and it doesn't overflow makes me think it's a back slope issue, right? If it was roots / blockage with a normal slope, it would drain down eventually, which isn't happening.

and again, with the back slope - any trick to find where it lifts without needing a camera or digging up the entire path of the pipe : ) ???

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I doubt it's a blockage, since you're getting drainage. Even a partial blockage would eventually drain. So I'm pretty certain that your problem is a high spot in the pipe.

Your best bet would be a camera snake to see where the high part is. The snake will be able to tell you the distance precisely, so you'll be able to dig and readjust or cut out that section.
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Thanks! I bought this:


and tried it out. got 30 feet in and still in water! (I figure at some point, the snake will break above the water. Didn't get there yet.

Tried to just find the pipe in the flower bed about 30 feet away towards the next drain / how far from house to dig down...it started raining before I found the pipe.

I'll take another shot at it tomorrow.

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