Nibco Sillcock Repair

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Nibco Sillcock Repair


I have a leaky old (70s) Nibco sillcock that I'd like to repair if possible.
Attached is a pic.
I've tried turning the nut below the small one on the valve stem, but it won't budge. Does anyone know if this nut can be removed so I can change the washer on the stem?.I don't want to put too much pressure on it and end up bending the copper pipe.

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Where exactly is it leaking and when does it leak? How specifically it leaks will tell what you need to replace.

If you want to replace the packing then loosen/remove the small nut underneath the knob. If it's tough to loosen you'll need two wrenches. One on the hex of the faucet body to prevent it from moving and the other on the packing nut.
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A very knowledgeable guy here on the Boiler Forum recommended PB blaster for a lot of things. I’ve become a PB Blaster fanatic. It works great. Maybe you could spray some on that nut if it doesn’t come off easily following PD’s instructions. Then do the same thing again as PD recommends.
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Since your are asking how to unscrew the stem nut, not the packing nut, my suggestion, beyond trying some type penetrating lubricant, is:
put a hose fitting on the hose threads so you don't bung them up, then
put one wrench on the body of the valve, spanning over the hose fitting, and
your other wrench on the stem nut.
work the two wrenches against each other, your force won't be trying to twist the pipe.
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Is it one of these? I can’t tell. I wonder if parts are available for one that old. Looks like one of the 2 pictured has to be replaced instead of repaired.

Well looking again, it looks an awful lot like the 63CL, and they say replacement parts are available- at least in 2014.
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I'd just replace the entire valve. I replaced one just like this one about a year ago and found an identical replacement valve at Lowes for less than $10.

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