Toilet keeps gushing out water

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Can someone help....after flushing my toilet it kept just gushing water out....I had to bail into the just kept son finally turned it off at the wall...I live in a 6 flat on the top floor...usually if a toilet ever needed to be plunged the water would only come up to the top but not keep running.....can someone advise me please what the problem could be. I don't know if it is inside the toilet tank or what to do next. Thank so much.
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Originally posted by bjbdc5
Can someone help....after flushing my toilet it kept just gushing water out....
Gushing water out where?? Until we know that, we cannot help. Look at the diagram, so we can speak the same language. Now try to accurately describe the problem. "When I do this, this happens, followed by this, and it started after this, and has been going on for _____ long."

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Re: Toilet keeps gushing out water

Thanks for replying...sorry I was not clear...the water is gushing out of the when a toilet overflows to the top of the bowl...only this time the water just keeps coming out of the bowl all over the floor and didn't stop until my son turned off the knob on the wall. I don't know if that is a broken part in the tank or might there be some blockage. I never saw this happen before. Thanks
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If the toilet is overflowing, the toilet got stopped up, if the water never stops overflowing then take tank lid off and see if the flapper is stuck in the open position.

If all looks good and you got the toilet to clear, turn water back on, with the tank lid off watch and see if it refills and shuts off, if that works good then flush the toilet a few times, make sure it does what it suppose to do.

Anything that does not work right, replace.

Now a tip, ever find this happening again, lift tank lid, reach inside tank and push the flapper down on it's seat, then shut water off the toilet, this will stop the major flow of water comming to the tank.
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I want to reemphasize the fact that your toilet bowl is clogged. You shoud use a plunger or toilet auger to clear out the blockage befoe you start messing with the stuff in the tank.

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