Shower faucet hot/cold reversed. Shower head arm loose.

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I am currently in escrow on my home. One of the items that our buyers want us to correct is that the hot/cold on the faucet in our shower/bath tub is reversed. It is a single handle control. Also, the shower arm (the decorative pipe that comes out of the wall and hooks to the shower head) is loose at the wall. Could someone help me on how to fix one or both of these items? Especially with the hot/cold situation, I have not been able to find much information from any of my research. Thank you.
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If your single handle control is a Moen, the cartridge needs to be rotated 180 degrees.

1. Remove insert button (on valve handle)to expose screw.
2. Remove the screw and pull off handle assembly.
3. Turn off shut off valves to the tub/shower control.
4. Remove retainer clip (copper horseshoe shaped clip) and rotate cartridge ears, with channel locks, pliers, or cartridge puller.
5. Reinsert retainer clip and screw in handle assembly, followed by the cap or insert button. Turn water back on.

This shows the cartridge ears. It is the same whether it is a bath, lav or kitchen faucet.

And here is the retainer clip.

As to the shower arm being loose at the wall, I am not sure whether you mean it needs to be screwed into the drop ell, or the drop ell has come loose from behind the shower wall. Please clarify.

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You don't need to remove the cartiage in a moen valve to reverse the hot and cold side, just rotate the center of the certiage 180 degrees, and you don't even need to turn house water off.
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Loose shower arm.

Regarding the shower arm being loose. This is in two of our showers. It looks as though the drop ell has become loose from the shower wall in both cases. In one shower, the arm wiggles from left to right only. In the other shower, the arm wiggles from left to right and knocks against the dry wall when I yank on it. There is no movement going up and down in either shower.

As for the faucet, I don't think it's a Moen. In fact, I'm not sure which brand it is. Are your instructions for the Moen fairly universal?
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There will be differences in the details from brand to brand, but most will be similar. Generally, it will be either reversing a cam, or physically flipping the cartrige. It helps to know the brand. Be warned, though; there are a few really odd designs out there.

The best way to fix your moving shower arm problem will depend on your access to that wall. If you are coming through a tile or surround covered wall, you have to come at it from the wall behind. If you are coming out of drywall, you just cut a large enough hole on that side and secure the ell to the blocking either by replacing the screw that pulled out, or using plumbers strap (if the ears on the ell have broken off)

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