Turning Back on Water line after bleeding water


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Turning Back on Water line after bleeding water

Hey guys, general question. When I change my whole water house filter I will turn off the main water line and turn on the basement sink to relieve pressure. When done and turning the water back on most areas in the house when I turn the water on will come out with air and a 10 second period of cloudy brownish water then clear up. Questions are
1) When the water comes out of the faucet sometimes it seems forceful and didn't know if I am supposed to do this a particular way so piping or faucet doesn't get damaged
2) Is the discoloration just sediment and expected to happen
3) Is there a particular water faucet pattern that they should be opened on
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1. I don't know if it can hurt anything but I don't like the sound of the air and water slamming through a faucet so I tend to crack the valve. Much like slowly cracking a soda or beer to gently relieve the pressure and avoid an eruption.

2. It seems any time there is a disruption to a water system there's a good chance you'll see cloudy water. I don't totally believe it myself but simply removing system pressure, even without water movement somehow knocks fine sediment loose.

3. Whenever doing water line work I open an outdoor sillcock first. Any sediment or debris created by the work will get flushed outside through a faucet that's almost impossible to clog. Almost faucet and appliance in the house has a screen or filter that can be clogged by debris so I like to do them last after I've flushed out the worst of it.
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I would also at least considering adding a second shutoff on the house-side of the filter. Makes it much quicker and easier to shut off both sides of the filter. Then no worries about de-pressurizing the house to just swap the filter.

But I don't really see any issue with what you're doing. I like Pilot Dane's suggestions.

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