How to fix this plumbing leak?

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How to fix this plumbing leak?

Plumbing leak

I haven't done much plumbing but I think I can handle this

I'll point out in case you don't know this pipe is of an old recalled type a plumber once told me, this grey type. But I'm not doing that til the $ situation is better. I just need to fix this and take a shower.

In the pics you can faintly see the spray from the leak. I also showed included a pic of these little sliver fish I believe they're called. I've got a lot of these guys. Any opinions on them? When the water goes away will they too? Anyway...

So please tell me it should be easy enough. I imagine I could follow the example below where the pipe is joined the the other. Just fishing for good info on this before I put my situation in the hands of a home depot employee of questionable qualifications. Thanks!

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That is QUEST which has not been used for 20 years. It was discontinued because of it's poor reliability so expect more leaks until you replace it.

1. Getting a QUEST coupling and rings will be difficult. Most home centers and plumbing suppliers no longer carry QUEST. At best you might find a QUEST to PEX adapter coupling but that will not work for a QUEST to QUEST connection. Do NOT use PEX fittings. They look similar but are different.

2. You are going to need a crimping tool to make a repair. If you are spending the money on a crimper I'd get one for PEX and start replacing the QUEST immediately. You don't have to do the whole house now but since you have the wall opened up it's a perfect time to replace at least that section with PEX.
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Where are the pictures referenced above?
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Click on the link.... first line of first post.
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Yeah, unfortunately Pilot Dane hit it square on the head. PB/Quest pipe went through a large class action lawsuit years and years ago, but it's closed. I haven't run across it myself, but most plumbers recommend replacing as much of it as possible as soon as possible.
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I dont replace it.. Its rampant down here in the south.. But we do convert sections to pex..

The inside diameter is different then pex.

IMO use a shark bite fitting and be done with it ...Go take a shower.

You will need two sharkbites. Grey sides go to PB pipe. Then a small piece of pex inbetween..

Will be a $20 repair
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I dont replace it.. Its rampant down here in the south.. But we do convert sections to pex..

Sounds like great advice to me. I remember seeing the Quest pipe and fittings and heard the sales pitches back in the late '70s and just didn't think it could possibly be good for the long term and have never used it for myself. I did, however, help a friend install some back then. To this day it doesn't leak because that house burned down!
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I have the same crap in my house. I've been replacing it slowly but surely. I've had three leaks to date, all of which have thankfully been in the unfinished portion of my basement. I'll be yanking the rest of it out and replacing it with Pex before too much longer. I second the advice on patching with Pex and sharkbite fittings. That's what I did for the last leak. Curiously, I used a Watts Quick Connect coupling (the white ones sold at HD) on one end of the patch and a regular Sharkbite fitting on the other side, not the PB type (didn't know those existed), and it has been fine.

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