Water pressure questions

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Water pressure questions

For the past couple weeks maybe a little over a month during certain times(mainly after showers, dishwasher, laundry use) the water pressure is very high when I first turn on a faucet. It only lasts about 5 seconds and then goes to normal. We are on city water and I have a sensus water meter. There is no pressure regulator anywhere after the meter.

The most current plumbing fix/upgrade was About 4 months ago I had a pin hole at an copper elbow. So I decided to replace the whole section w/ pex and shark bite connectors. Maybe 10ft w/ 2 "T"'s and 3 elbows. Before that about 6-8 months ago I hooked up plumbing to a new full bathroom.

House is all copper minus the new bath and section I replace - Built in 1965

Thanks in advance.
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It sounds like you have a restriction in you water line somewhere especially if you notice this pressure starts high then goes down everywhere in the house. I've seen it when galvanized steel water lines corrode shut and I've seen it with copper water lines getting pinched or crushed by ground movement. First though check to see if you have any shutoff valves that might be partially closed. Also, open an outdoor spigot then go inside and open and close your shutoff valve a few times to clear any debris. Leaving the outdoor spigot running allows the debris to get flushed outside and not trapped in an indoor faucet or dishwasher.
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Ok...I will try that this weekend!! Thanks a lot!
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Why don't you have a pressure regulator valve? what is your normal water pressure? how high are your nightly spikes?
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You say your pressure rises after hot water useage such as showers or laundry. That is indicative of having a closed system which requires a thermal expansion tank. Has your water meter been changed recently. More and more municipalities are now installing water meters with check valves in them which makes your household water piping system a closed system.

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